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StarFire (2003)
Atari 2600 -Reviewed Aug 2003

Manuel Polik (Programmer)
Thomas Jentzsch (Programmer)
Paul Slocum (Music)

GAME PLAY :A brand new conversion of the Exidy arcade game from many moons ago.

Reviewed by Lee B

"If you were around when Exidy brought out its Star Wars rip off (and this was before Atari brought us the greatest arcade game of all time) you would be like me, a great fan. Its at heart a very simple shoot-em-up and this in its Atari form makes a formidable conversion. This game just oozes quality from the start as the title screen just acts like the arcade game and has a rocking title track something which Paul Slocum now has to a tee (he's now in my eyes, the Rob Hubbard of the 2600 world). The game is fun to get into and you will soon be shooting ships into the morning. The graphics are real nice with no flicker as the many baddies hit the screen and the ships are very well defined against the multi-stared background. Some features are missing, but this is hardly noticeable but with the extra 2600 moments thrown in to the mix, it makes for a better game, at home at least. Check out the extras though, hidden ships like the Death Star and Doctor Who's TARDIS, the music, the great control, the extra special death crash (think Robot Tank but better). Its a great game that we thought we would never see on the Atari but its here and its just a perfect conversion we could ever hope to see. Its been a while but StarFire is the game of the year for me, and it should be in everyone's collection"


One of the best 2600 games released in recent years, and one top conversion for StarFire fans.










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