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Gamebase 64 (2003)
Commodore 64 -Reviewed Sept 2003

GAME PLAY :The ultimate Commodore 64 collection finally released. Was it worth the wait?

Reviewed by Lee

Lee B:
"Gamebase is here? no? really? It seems like years since I last heard about it coming out, but its here and in my hands handed over from the lads who created it. and it is a corker!

Gamebase comes in a 2 CD set, one for the setups and another for the games that are required of it. Once passed the easy setup and point the whole system to your games and Commodore 64 emulator of choice you are away. The front end shows the lists ala MAME32 with the screen shots on the right. A main feature are the tabs at the bottom. These show all the information you would ever need like the year the shown game was released, what version it is (lots of cracked games are here but are always better than the actual released games- lots of cheats!-). You can even see the boxart and listen to the music within the games while you browse. and browse you will. The games are a near complete set of all the C64 games released minus lots of undiscovered/unreleased ones but still the guys are collected together what can only be described as breathtaking. Being a C64 fan, I thought I had seen most of what the Commodore has to offer but no, I have been playing around with this for two weeks now and I am still finding new games that I have never played on it. lots of great games but a multitude of crap ones too. Far too many Shoot em up construction kit games and crap Boulderdash ripoffs...Arrrh! Major plus points go to you can save you own highscores within Gamebase making return value.

After using this, you will not want to see out another front end. I have only scratched the surface on just how good it is and suggest anyone who like any games to get hold of this. Gamebase is grrrrreeaaaattttttt"

A long wait but worth every second. A major C64 milestone release worthy of any players time.





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