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Super Pac Twins (2002)
Commodore 64 -Reviewed Feb 2003

GAME PLAY :Finally released after years in limbo, this game with Pacman overtones hits the net.

Reviewed by Paul/Lee T/Lee

Lee T:
"What a pleasant surprise! I was thinking this would just be a standard Pac-Man clone, but Super Pac-Twins has its own personality. The music is superb and would have easily gone on a full-price back in the C64 heyday. The only real complaint I have is that the game is very easy, and I should think that most gamers would be able to get most of the way through the levels after a couple of games. Nevertheless this is a great new C64 game, and a great achievement. Bravo"

"Clap! Clap!
Another new C64 game hits the net but this one seems to have been around for a while. Super Pac Twins sounds like something from the Taito arcade label but alas it isnt. Its a simple maze game and to me plays like that other C64 maze game of the early 90s, Super Nibbly Although boasting some of the nicest programming tricks and some good music the game leaves a lot to be desired in the playabilty stakes. We all like Richard here, we like what he does and we like new Commodore games but this one didnt cut it with me...but then I didnt like Super Nibbly either....but then the 100 screens should keep gamers happy for a while"

"First of all, I must say that itís highly commendable that people are bringing out new Commodore 64 games in this day and age. Itís great to see. Having said that, it would be better if they were actually good. Super Pac Twins is well programmed, but sadly, the game is far, far too easy, and not at all interesting after a few minutes of play. Also, although the graphics are smooth, they are fairly unimaginative and characterless too, and very repetitive. Even the music gets irritating once you get to about level 20 (with all lives intact, thanks to the incredibly stupid enemies). Iíd love to see what this could look like with more time spent on game design, for example, if you didnít get any extra lives, or your energy was not replenished with every pill you eat. As it stands, itís not worth much of your time."

Although neatly programmed and produced, the game seems flawed in design. Great soundtrack though





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