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Pitstop II (1984)
Commodore 64 - Reviewed June 2002

Gameplay: Pitstop II is the first racing game that brings you the thrill of battling an opponent, the excitement of fighting for the lead out on the track and the suspense of struggling to be the first out of the pits. Realistic first-person graphics and a split-screen display allow you and another player to experience the challenge of auto racing head-to-head. The challenge of true competitive action. This is racing. The way it's supposed to be. You can't relax when you take the lead, becouse you know he's right there behind you. Will he try to pass you in the hairpin turn? Or do you think heīll wait for the next straightway?

Reviewed by Lee, Paul and Lee T

Paul:"Aaahhhh, Pitstop 2!! Just the name is almost enough to bring a tear to the eye, like fondly remembering an old girlfriend. That said, playing it again reveals that, like the old girlfriend, itís now looking a bit saggy around the edges, and doesnít provide quite as much fun as it did in its younger days. Itís still a classic though, and more than enough to get your thumb aching all over again, and the two player game still keeps you on your toes and lets out that devious streak you know is in there. Pitstop 2 may not be the total knockout you remember, but it is still well worth playing "

Lee T:"Arguably the best racing game on the C64, Pitstop 2 has not been bettered in my opinion. As well as the excitement of the race itself, the extras such as refuelling and changing tyres add an original approach to the genre. The graphics are well defined and crisp, and although the sound is minimal, the atmosphere is excellent. Of course the best way of experiencing Pitstop 2 is by using the 2-player option, and having a split-screen race with a friend. Pitstop 2 has remained one of the classic C64 games over the years."

Lee:"Pitstop II is indeed a great title. Better than its forerunner and quite possibly the best two player race game released on the C64. The game was released when Epyx went into its classic game era with such titles as Summer Games II and Beach-Head II. The clean and crisp graphics hold well today as they always did but the sound still grates the eardrums again. The two player option is a must. Grab hold of your best mate, down scoops of beer and load up this crusty but mighty playable slice of race game history. Prepare to get that terrible thumb ache though......"

Well past its MOT date but still a classy racer to enjoy

You can play this game in your emulator on your PC - Check out the links within PeeknPoke for game downloads





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