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Project - Galway (2003)
Music CD -Reviewed Christmas 2003

You can buy this from C64audio.com

GAME PLAY :Nope, Its a music CD from Chris Abbott and chums. Using the SID chip from Galway.....

Reviewed by Lee

Chris Abbott supports the C64 even though the machine is long gone. He is a fan that releases these music CDs every year, each one getting better and better. It is shame to call them game remixes. This time this is pure SID music, the music from Martin Galway. Boz is the guy behind this package and he went though Martin's old Ocean disks and looking though all the source code on each disk finding the original tunes from each game. While lots of tunes are on this two CD set, the best interest to classic gamers seem to be the unreleased ones. The music from Street Hawk is a mighty version of the TV series themes and listening to the music it seems a shame that we never got to see any of the two programmed versions of the game.

The other tracks are made up of title screen, loading themes and in game tunes you must of heard. but not like this. You might remember that the various versions of the SID chip had filters that made music sound different on machines. Seeing as emulation could never emulate the SID chip proper (or so I am told, It sounds pretty good to me) the music on the CD is straight from Galway's own chip so this is what he heard and what the final tunes should be like. You might not hear it but listen to the MP3 sound bite on C64audio which compares two tracks played together and its all there. The package also has a hidden fun track complete with Boz telling you what other goodies he found on Galway's source disks like hidden themes in Roland's Rat Race. It all comes together with a superb inlay of Interviews and notes on each track.
Now would you buy it? Two things to say about that. Are you a completist of C64 tunes? I think only real hardcore 64 fans would enjoy these best versions. They simply are the best you will get from Galway. Another thing to remember is, and the hidden track states, that the DVD will hold even more lost tunes and will be the one to get. Why buy this one when you could wait for the DVD? You could argue that on any purchase. It is a good idea which sound great through the stereo loud (I  enjoyed Parallax this time then any other) these soundtracks will last forever. Chris, Boz and the crew should be patted on the back for archiving the themes like this. The DVD must be something special to behold. Lets all get this and listen while we wait......

A major release, interesting and enlightening. The DVD will be something special.




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