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Space Taxi (1984) - Muse Software
Commodore 64 - Reviewed June 2002

Gameplay: Space Taxi puts you in the shoes and flying car of the newest super flying cab-firm on the block. Each level is spaced out with
various numbered space-ports for would be punters. Our smokin' hero must, when called (using the rather crackly speech contained in the game) be picked up and placed on the platform they want to go to. This would be just easy to float around the screens with no danger (not to mention a pretty dull game) so each screen gets more dangerous than the last with more maze like features and added surprises. Each level is loaded in from disk (or your PC :) The game has a large set of screens to venture over and these can be played various ways depending on the options chosen at the beginning.
Years later, a game called Ugh! for the C64 was released stealing the best ideas from Space Taxi

Reviewed by Lee, Chris and Paul

Chris:""I tried this out a while ago when I bought up a large C64 collection, specifically because it was mentioned as the inspiration for the Dreamcast hit Crazy Taxi. While that's possibly true, it's much more an evolution of Lander or Thrust. I played the modern class Thrust+ quite substantially recently and I would quite happy devote the same large amount of time to Space Taxi. Use of voice is impressive for the vintage.


Paul:"I have to say, I'd never heard of this game before, and once I saw its age and pitiful loading screen, I feared the worst. Imagine my surprise when Space Taxi turned out to be really good! It's kind of like an odd cross between Thrust, Joust and Guttang Gottong! Picking up passengers and getting them to the pad they want sounds mundane, but it's enjoyable and challenging. The graphics are mainly simple, but effective, and the attempt at speech is commendable. The array of options is pleasing too, so that even though the game is essentially repetitive, it keeps you playing. What a pleasant surprise! "Hey Taxi!""

Lee:"Space Taxi is a great game hidden behind some of the most terrible C64 graphics known to man. This obviously put most players off but I played on and
I am glad I did. The graphics hide behind this terrible speech bursting forth that really grows on you and its fun too! Think Berzerk meets Sinister in the arcades and you're halfway there. Some meaty and bloody hard levels are in there and wrestling with the stick just trying to get to the next passenger add just avoiding "that bit of platform" makes it all the better to play on. Space Taxi is no means a classic, but its up near there."

A cosmetic and sonic nightmare hiding a real strong game

You can play this game in your emulator on your PC - Check out the links within PeeknPoke for game downloads





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