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Up'n'Down (1984)
Commodore 64 - Reviewed Sept 2002

Reviewed by Lee, Paul and Lee T

GAME PLAY :Up n Down is an arcade conversion by US Gold of the Sega arcade game. The player controls a VW buggy that scrolls across a landscape up and down hills. Buggy must collect all the relevant flags on each level shown at the top of the screen. The buggy is installed with a jumping ability so it can jump nasty cars that come the wrong way down the hills that the player must cross. The player can also jump and change lanes-This is needed on later levels where it is possible to crash into broken highways.

Paul:"Well, this is a curious little game. I'm sure the arcade version didn't set the world on fire, which makes it a little odd that it was converted, but it's very jolly indeed and very good fun. "Up 'N' Down" is very colourful, and has a nice bouncy tune, which makes it instantly attractive. The only downside is that it is very repetitive in the long run, but always a laugh if you just pick it up and play it for a short while. It's actually a bit like a pseudo 3D version of Rally X, although not as good as that classic. I enjoyed it when it first came out, I enjoy it now, and I would recommend anyone play it, just don't expect to put it at the top of your all-time favorites list."

Lee T:"Don't be put off by the 2600 style Graphics - Up'n'Down is a simplistic yet addictive game, and is often forgotten in the history books of gaming! Personally I play it like my politics - Stick to the left!! Its an fairly original game idea, and is guaranteed to get the player addicted AND frustrated! The major gripe is that when you lose a life, you go back to the start, which is not very good when you have made a lot of progress through a level. Ignore the rather beepy sound, as you will be concentrating on the game, anyway. Whilst it has aged a bit, Up'n'Down is still an enjoyable waste of a few hours. Far from a classic, though very enjoyable."

Lee:"Hey! this is cool!
Playing like a 3D version of great arcade game Burning Rubber, UnD is a fun little diversion. Jumping around, bouncing on top of cars, collecting
flags along with a twee tune and lovely graphics is my idea of a good time. US Gold made some pretty grotty games and most of them were arcade conversions, this
was one of the better ones. Funny enough I have never played the original so I cannot comment on how good a conversion is, but who cares when its this good. Bouncing VW cars? Lovely!"



If only driving was this fun

You can play this game in your emulator on your PC - Check out the links within PeeknPoke for game downloads





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