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Great gaming moments in history......

....Ewok Adventure was released

Parker's Atari catalog were full of very nice licenses that were based on some of the most popular films and TV of that decade. It's Star Wars games were some of the best. The Empire Strikes back was a funky snowy shoot em up while Death Star Battle became a cult hit (and woefully underated). One of the games they did not release was Ewok Adventure, based on the Return of the Jedi film. The net had for years talked about this great game and how good it was, but no one had the cart or at least admitted having it. It turned up, however , years later and was released in rom format around the net to great success and even reached the dizzy heights of 9/10 here at PeeknPoke towers. This lead a wave of new prototype finds and releases on the net, that seems to have continued to this day.

                                Another one bites the Star Wars dust                                                    One of those nasty Ewoks methinks                                                                

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