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Great gaming moments in history......

....finding MAME on the Internet

Before the net it was dark days for old game lovers. When the net came into a few homes in the late 90's and was getting affordable, the gaming community could at last contact each other. and there were the emulators. it was a shock to the system that you could play your ZX81 games on your brand new PC and even better download all the games you wanted for it and play them. then you came across MAME. Arcade games in your home. Fantastic. Remember when you were amazed that you could also insert coin, or mess around with the dipswitches that you did not know were there (always wondered why Star Wars had different shield settings on various machines) and using Dave's classics to download your new MAME roms from? fun weekends of beer and gaming afoot.

Indy Jones looks set for some whipping action                                   While QBert gives us some swearwords to ponder over

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