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Great gaming moments in history......

....After the Zzap! diary of a game, finally playing Paradroid

In the Commodore 64's Zzap!64 magazine they covered the production of Andrew Braybrook's next classic, Paradroid. This was the first time I had come across a "making of a game" diary and everyone wondered what the final game would come out like. Would Zzap! give it a gold medal just because they had looked at it for so long? It did and not because Zzap! has hyped it, it was because it was such a classic piece of software. phew! eh? Paradroid became one of the best Commodore games of all time, lovingly praised around the c64 scene to this day.          

Eek! A 476!                                                                                                    Eek! A 598!      

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