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PeeknPoke Xmas Special - Top things of 2003

It's Xmas everyone. Let's all get under the tree and see what Santa has given me. WoW! A Gamecube. Thanks. More Eggnog Lee? No I really shouldn't...oh go on. PeeknPoke always does a Xmas Special and this year I have gone and looked back over news and releases. Looking back over the years it looks like the news was pretty slack which is a shame. Is emulation fading away? Where is all the new stuff? Still we got some right top games like StarFire plus lots of new updates of constant emulators. So while I sit here under the tree rattling presents and getting slightly full on mince pies here's what floated my boat in 2003. Merry Xmas everyone and all!


.....Gamebase64 finally reaches us

Ya boo! its here alright after many moons of wait and the 2 CD set is pretty much the best thing to come to the Commodore 64 since...well since Commodore Format died. The very though of having thousands of C64 games on CD is great but add the most comprehensive catalogue of any machine's software that PnP has ever seen has had C64 fans clambering all over the net to get there copy. Lucky for me I managed to get a copy off Gamebase64 staffers, John and James, at BIT2003. If you ever wanted a C64 game it's most likely to be here complete with cover scans, screenshots, SID music and even tap. files so you can load the game just like the old days. Gamebase64 seems like gold and it is. Hence another top rated software release this year.

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