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PeeknPoke Xmas Special - Top things of 2003

It's Xmas everyone. Let's all get under the tree and see what Santa has given me. WoW! A Gamecube. Thanks. More Eggnog Lee? No I really shouldn't...oh go on. PeeknPoke always does a Xmas Special and this year I have gone and looked back over news and releases. Looking back over the years it looks like the news was pretty slack which is a shame. Is emulation fading away? Where is all the new stuff? Still we got some right top games like StarFire plus lots of new updates of constant emulators. So while I sit here under the tree rattling presents and getting slightly full on mince pies here's what floated my boat in 2003. Merry Xmas everyone and all!


.....StarFire is here!

It comes as a shock at PeeknPoke that it is not just "old games" that have an interest.

Manuel Polik's Star Fire was followed quite a lot here, playing all those updates and new demos each one making the game more of a want then anything else this year. What started out as a proper conversion that could not be done was slowly turned into an amazing 2600 game in its own right adding more stuff to shoot at like Death Star's and Bobba Fett's Slave one. Its not arcade perfect but it makes up for it with other features unique to the Atari. Getting a well deserved 10/10 in the PnP review only makes you want it more on cartridge (like just where is Lee's copy?:) Even Jeff Minter wanted to play this.

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