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More Adventures in .. Adventure
April 04 News

Adventure Atari 2600 was the first game reviewed from Lee's PeeknPoke in the year 2000. Amid the fuss, Adventure got a massive 9 and a PeeknPoke perfection award (anyone remember them?) claiming that " it looks like a night after beer and curry. Look it looks shit but most pissy looking games are good fun right?"

whatever that means write in.

Anyway along with Combat and Indy 500, Steve Engelhardt's Create your own Adventure has got its own editor so you can fiddle around the some parts of the mazes (with an update coming soon so you can fiddle with just about anything). It looks like the net is going to be all cramped up with new versions of the classic game. but with the original being such a gem, this can only be good. So get your maze brains on and download it from Atari Age's forum

And just a little warning, here's the original PnP review from 4 years ago. It isn't pretty.


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