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its back...back...BACK (Back in Time that is)

June 03 News

Hi one and all.  Just got back from Scotland after a lovely break in the remote parts.  No computers, no arcades. Nothing. Still its great to be back and seeing some new stuff going on in the mad world of gaming. Most of all, Chris Abbot gets on the email blower and lets rip about this coming September's BACK IN TIME 2003 LIVE event held this time in the lovely seaside town of Brighton, UK.  More classic Commodore 64 related stuff that looks even better this time. Yep. I am going to be there yet again, holding up the bar. So take a look at what to expect and look out for a new feature on this in the coming weeks.  Take it away Chris........

13th September, 2003
BIT Live Brighton will feature a concert: the headline act is...

Rob Hubbard - unplugged. Rob plays his own hits live on stage. Also, Press Play on Tape will be performing. The whole thing will culminate in a supergroup of PPOT, Rob, Ben and violinist Mark Knight for the ultimate "Monty on the Run"...

The concert will be MCd by Ben Daglish, and also includes Octave Sounds.

Also, the day will be 15 hours long, with a retro game and music fest from 11am -> 6pm attended by as many composers as we can get: there will also be a display exhibit of Martin Galway's C128D (wot he used to compose most of his SIDs), and his original Ocean source disks and source code.

Tickets will be available to buy in advance this time, and will be available soon.

The venue is the Brighton centre, directly on the seafront in Brighton, with all-day catering and air conditioning (http://www.brightoncentre.co.uk)

Other guests so far volunteered include Matt Gray, Tim Follin, Mat Cannon, Jon Dunn, Thomas Detert, Markus Schneider, Ben and Rob of course, and Dave Whittaker. More will undoubtedly follow...

A ticket for the concert and after show boogying will be 10, and a ticket for the all-day event will be 5. The thing costs over 2500 to put on, so we've got to try and break even. Between 6pm and 7pm people will leave the centre temporarily to have some food while we set up the concert.

Throw in a playable SIDstation and a competition section gamesmastered by Mat "Mayhem" Allen (it would only be fair since he always wins the damn competitions!!), and Allan "Commodore Scene" Bairstow showing his awesome collection of Commodore machines doing awesome things, and composers turning up to the remix workshop to jam along to their own SIDs, and you've got a pretty unmissable event, IMHO.

More details when we get the website up. The maximum amount of tickets for the concert will be about 400, though the whole venue can hold 750.

There's even a five-a-side football match on the beach on Friday evening, followed by a semi-official BIT Live pub session.

Oh yes: worried about how to get to Brighton from Stansted airport? Don't be: there will be SID minibuses run by us which will convey you for a non-profitmaking fare, both there and back on Friday evening and Saturday morning.

Accommodation suggestions will be available on the website when we do that...

Oh yes, and there will also be the launch of "The Galway Project: The Perfect SID Collection", which is an audio CD collection of the highlights of Martin Galway's SIDs, recorded from his actual
SID chip (the only one that plays them as they were meant to be played), and which will include Streethawk (in two versions, with subtunes), a missing tune in Wizball that was commented out of the source code, reminiscences by Martin himself, and other worktunes, as well as the classics. The CD was compiled by Boz, and is the precursor to a DVD next year which will contain every single Martin Galway tune and subtune recorded in 24bit, 48khz (DVD) and 96khz (DVD Audio) along with all his source code, pictures from his bedroom at the time, and other goodies.

Definitely one for the fans!



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