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The Commodore 64 returns

July 03 News

Funny how things come around. Tulip Computers who hold the rights to the Commodore name have released a statement about re-releasing the classic machine, The Commodore 64. The statement link is below and rather vague about just what they are releasing. Is it a new C64 computer complete with joystick and god forbid, a C2N cassette recorder?

Darren Melbourne, Creative Director, Ironstone Partners commented, The license deal with Tulip is a huge breakthrough for the millions of C64 enthusiasts and retro gamers around the world who are still loyal to this incredible games system. Ironstone is committed to bringing this technology and games library back to prominence on every platform available to us.

The website states the word emulator about a bit too much and as we all know emulated re-released machines have not as yet made the grade like the Atari 10 in 1.  PnP hope they release a machine that accepts floppies to play the games on. or at least a c64 machine complete with keyboard with loads (and we mean loads!) of games built in. but we wait and it least it means one thing.....The Commodore is coming home.


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