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Emulation's Final Lap?

June 03 News

A few years ago, you must of been like me waiting for the next MAME release and the games you really wanted to play. The last time I got worked up about a release was in 2000 when Pole Position driver was produced. Not to say I have not seen loads and loads of games I would not have known if not for lovely MAME.  One such game I had totally forgotten about but used to like playing in arcades was Final Lap by Namco and its nearly here in your own home due to the up and coming next release of MAME. Its a fun driving game akin to Pole Position but sharper in graphics and gameplay. People are already talking about what games are left for MAME fans to get excited about (apart from terrible jap porno games).  Well, lets hope there are some more classics yet to come but for now Final Lap on its way. Good stuff.


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