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  News Retro

January 2004 News

Good morning, and welcome to PnP in 2004. Christmas came and went (and the big Xmas special did not appear due to time and stuff but most of that will appear here soon). Lets hope 2004 bring us better stuff than the previous years of emulation which is looking rather slow but who cares when there are all these lovely PeeknPoke things to look forward too.

You will notice this month the various pages will be spring cleaned, as it were, and some new areas will be added. I am going to push the videos to the archive and not produce anymore episodes as it takes too much time and this showed on the news pages, not that I might do some special editions along the year.

But now on with the news....

(Right Pic-Lee in the Snow, cira 2003 New Years Eve)                                                                                                                          

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