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July 03 News

When PnP had its shake up early this year this left three reviewers without "jobs" (indeed they were not paid here at PeeknPoke, just whipped with the backend of a Kempston Joystick when told to review). Our resident Atari man, Chris ventured into the unknown with his Starmaster jacket never to be seen again. Last reports have told that Chris is working at a Petrol station and still gets time on his GP32 to play his Atari games. The other mobster, Paul has created his own website (Lee says with gritted teeth:) and took young Lee with him. Together with a new team (and I do own the man some reviewing stuff so Im in there) have created Retro-Active reviews. A site for loads of machines long gone but with fab software to be played and thats what the sites about. lots of up and coming reviews and its really a good read even though I come across as some grumpy git. Check it all out sometime. by the way the picture of the right is the Pup (!) whos my hero of the week :)

 LINKS:Retro Active

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