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Retrovision UK retrogaming event returns
November 03 News

Retrovision is back...back....BACK. Got a lovely email this morning complete with spanking new banner from Mark Rayson the guru behind the Retrovision events. RV is more of game filled day (rather than Back in Time's music slant) and the events are some really fabbo gameplaying retro heaven. I have yet to go to one, but judging by the people who report back, it is something I am missing out on. This next event is penciled in for March 2004 so all you retro players can save your pennies up for a day of mad action of gaming years gone by. Check it all out on the link that will remain on PeeknPoke's main page very soon or if your too lazy to hit "back" then click it here 

Left- "Bastard! that was my last life" gaming collection at an early Retrovision event

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