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Another blast from the past: Its StarFire!

May03 News

When StarFire by Exidy came out in the arcades it was like a breath of fresh air.  It was Star Wars in all but name.  Blasting what looked like Tie Fighters and X wings and yourself sat in a cockpit it was a fun experience.  Now its 2003 and finding a Star Fire machine is as rare as rocking horse shit. Thanks to Cybergoth (Aka Manuel Polik) because he  has nearly finished his Star-Fire arcade conversion for the Atari2600. PnP has been a firm believer that this game would be fantastic and it would work on the 2600 (in fact, it was mentioned in last years games for xmas special as Manuel was unsure when it would be released). Anyway, the game is near complete and the next rom release (The work in progress roms have been released as work was done, a great way of looking at the design of the game) looks like another smashing Atari game and one of the best 2600 conversions that I have played.  Its a great idea making new arcade conversions for the old Atari and it works. Big Time.  Like I said the rom has been released over at Atariage, so go on. have some blasting fun this afternoon.

 LINKS:StarFire download

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