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Hunchback II :Quasimodo's revenge (1985)
Spectrum 48k -This review is from Jan 2003

GAME PLAY :Ocean's homemade sequel to its first arcade conversion

Reviewed by Lee/Lee T

Lee T:
"Hunchback 2 is an enjoyable but very frustrating game! The main problem is that when you lose a life it takes you back to the beginning, and as the game is quite tough, it can lead to severe irritation. There are too many objects that have to be avoided, and it requires a lot of deft timing to try and reach the top platform. I never played the first Hunchback game, so I cannot comment on whether it is better or not, but I suspect that the Hunchback connection on this one is quite tenuous, as if Ocean have turned round and realised how much its predecessor sold, and turned a standard platformer into a big name. Hunchback 2 is an enjoyable diversion, but in the long time it would probably give me the hump! (groan - Lee, Paul & Chris)"

"I have always had a soft spot for Hunchback II, as I always thought it had some good arcade overtones and was a nice follow on from the original. The Spectrum version plays similar to the good C64 version (PeeknPoke review 7/10)
It feels better somehow as the main graphic shows good old Hunchy in splendid form. Some nice levels and little touches make this game more than a sequel. Fans of the original Spectrum Hunchback should enjoy the moments here, I did"

Fun and well enjoyable platform romp. A playable computer only sequel for arcade maniacs





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