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Retro Reviews

Sinclair reviews

Monty on the run(Gremlin graphics)

  • Bouncy and mega fun platform game!

CommentIts been yonks since I loaded this game up but wow, its still got some very addictive qualities. Once loaded I poured myself into the gameplay. It is not rocket science. All Monty has to do is leap and jump thorough each flip screen and avoid the sprites that adorn each screen. Once you think you come across another screen, the game throws some fabulous ideas around such as Monty steers for his life in a Sinclair C5! Missing is the almighty Rob Hubbard soundtrack from the C64 but some of the spectrum sounds are quite good. I must admit a few hours passed while I played this again and in fact, I am going to load this game up again after this. The only flaw in the game is choosing the escape kit at the start, its trail and error and thats the only thing that stops Monty get his perfect 10.

OverallThe best Monty adventure and one of the best platform games available (9)


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