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  Arcade to C64 (Another battle of conversion)





Lee ventures into the depths again to seek out the games converted from the arcade and pushed into Commodore code.  Sometimes the C64 version did better than the arcade game it tried to emulate!

The rating below consider the overall likeness to its arcade parent, including graphics and sound

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Arcade original :Namco - C64 conversion :Quicksilva

A mighty coin op Pacland is, taking the ideas from the cartoon of the same name taken from the Pacman series of games (still with us?) Its very cartoon like with some lovely visuals and a nice boppy tune ripped straight from the cartoon. Its very different from the various other Pac games as its now a platform game. But its very, very playable and later bloody hard.

Did they get it right?
Stripped of the sharp graphics, the C64 graphics seem less colourful but that's the only thing wrong with it. The faultless title screen complete with credit input (a la MAME) adds much needed coin op-ness to the whole thing. The game is bang on minus a few little things (where's my hidden hat by the way) but it is a freakishly fantastic game spot on (nearly). 9

Arcade original :Konami - C64 conversion :Imagine 

A hidden gem or a right school detention mess? Mikie sure is strange. School games are a weird one, but Mikie's arcade antics are quite addictive although the gameplay suffers from screen to screen as some seem badly designed. Enjoyable in a school teacher throwing teeth kind of way.

Did they get it right?
Yes, C64 Mikie is pretty much the arcade game described above which seemed strange as Imagine released this as an extra in a compilation pack. It was released later on as a budget game and looking at Mikie on the C64 this would have made a blinding budget game, if you like the arcade game....8

Arcade original :Sega - C64 conversion :Activision 

One of those four player things. Lots of power ups, jumping and shooting action. quite cool in a Gauntlet four player type game, even has a guy in it called Lee for extra points :)

Did they get it right?
Although on the static screens above it all looks like the arcade game, Quartet on the Commodore is just one bad little game. Bad coding, rubbish graphics and even a soundtrack that grates. its just crap. A Joke on us? 3

Space Harrier
Arcade original :Sega - C64 conversion :Elite Systems 

They must have scoffed when they thought they could release this on the C64 and other 8 bits and they did. The arcade game is one massive affair of big graphics and sound and had a moving chair that followed the action. One of Sega's best games for me. 

Did they get it right?
They could not do it, could they? Space Harrier just could not be done on the C64 and this version shows. Missing the chequered board floor, vital game points such as the bonus dragon riding screens and even the scoring if off. It looks unfinished...until someone decided when releasing the disk version of the game in the US that they would recode the worst bits and they pushed a quite average game into quite a good game. The board floor is back and even the main sprites get an overhaul. Phew! thank god for that 7



Arcade original :Capcom - C64 conversion :Elite Systems 

A real smart arcade game, with novel gameplay and visuals and sonics that made you laugh. Being a Paperboy is so much fun (in the arcades)

Did they get it right?
Fatty sprites, the most horrible sounds and clunky gameplay, Paperboy was high on the wants list of gamers everywhere :) (the C64 version came well after the Spectrum and Amstrad versions). It really is bad when thinking about it, and looking at the screenshots above just reminds us all how we wished it was good. 4

Final fight
Arcade original :Capcom - C64 conversion :US Gold 

A big mean fighting game that was very playable indeedy. Three big blokes take on hoards of nasty streetfighters with some playable screens. Grab a mate for this fight of your life (in the arcades, we mean)

Did they get it right?
Screenshot looks good does it? I think that screen shot above looks very good...until it moves. Final Fight C64 is one of the worst conversions you will ever come across. There is little of value here, Move on quickly while you have the chance. 2

Arcade original :Atari - C64 conversion :Domark 

Good time bashing all sprites that look like proper blokes (one of the first game to digitize actors). I have the arcade game here at home, and I like it :)

Did they get it right?
Pitfighter is a bit of a mess. Gone are the nice visuals and we are treaty to small sprites that wobby around the screen. It looks too scruffy too. I'm going back to my arcade machine thank you 4


720 Degrees
Arcade original :Atari - C64 conversion (UK) :US Gold

C64 conversion (US) :Tengen

Using the same chip boards as Paperboy, 720 moves the gameplay on and treats us again to a fun world of jumping and collecting action. It's a cracking arcade game that had a novel controller to pull of all the moves as you collected gold awards. Loud too.

Did they get it right?
720 (UK) on the C64 is pretty amazing. It's nearly all here and Chris Butler has managed to get most of the gameplay intact. Yes, the graphics and sound are off slightly but 720 just shows how much attention has been put into it. The game also came with the arcade soundtrack on tape. Marvellous. 9

Shame that the US version with its nasty multiload and pretty off key gameplay does not match this one, well at least we had two versions to try out 5




Road Runner
Arcade original :Atari - C64 conversion :US Gold








Yes, Road Runner is a cool Atari coin op that follows the fab cartoon in the adventures of the bloody bird. It looks like the cartoon. Some good design on the levels and I love the music.

Did they get it right?
You could think they could have cocked this one right up but fans of the arcade game rejoice as Road Runner is the arcade game at home. I loved this conversion when it came out and it still is a neat game, and the graphics and sound are all here too! 8


Star Wars
Arcade original :Atari - C64  UK conversion :Domark

C64  US conversion :Parker Bros.

The most playable and downright best arcade game ever. Using vector graphics and some fine visual and oral sounds, Star Wars is like being in the film...if it was made out of lines. Yes, I'm using the same lines as I did on the first Arcade to Atari feature, I am lazy...so sue me

Did they get it right?
Again we have two versions (this happened a lot on the C64) the Parker Bros. US version was on cartridge and getting hold of this in the mid-80s was a pain (We had a tape version, nicked off cart but it never loaded) Why we bothered I will never know as it is fairly lame compared to the Atari 2600 version they did, this should have been better. 6

The UK one is not much cop too but it is more faithful and this was released well after the arcade game has gone from arcades. This used vectors like the arcades but the C64 did not like to use them as the processor was not much cop at it. Still, it is Star Wars 6

Ghosts 'n Goblins
Arcade original :Capcom - C64 conversion :Elite Systems 

One of the most fun packed arcade romps I know. and you can run about in your underpants. Natch.

Did they get it right?
Pretty much faultless. This is one of the best conversions done for any system as the gameplay is just so sweet compared next to the arcade game. The soundtrack gets a mention as it adds more atmosphere. Just so enjoyable 10


If you cannot get the rights...steal! (Or Attack of the clones)

That's right. Some programmers wanted to do arcade games but the prices of such copyrights was too much. why not make your own version and just change the name? Okay then....

Nintendo did not spot this one, Yes, its Punch out! in all but name (Frank Bruno's Boxing - Elite Systems)





Shoot, pick up, hyperspace, shields..All in days work for this Stargate clone, in fact better! (DropZone - US Gold)




Commando this! It fact this was taken off the market for being too much like Commando! (Who dares wins - Alligata)




Atarisoft's own Defender conversion was not much cop so Steve Evans made a much miles better version (Guardian - Alligata)




Hope you enjoyed this second look at "Arcades to..." Look out for more in the coming weeks. Email the site to have your say just what I should look at next!




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