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Back In Time 2002 - London

Original text from Lee's PeeknPoke 2002

With this type of Retro event, You can ensure you can meet some top retro-heads from previous years plus the guys that make it popular today with music remixes and Websites. PnP dusts down the scrap-book of Retro-yesteryear and shows the world just what you might be missing if you don't go.....
When: Friday 21 June 2002, 7-30pm-3am.... Where: Gossips Nightclub , London. Near Tottenham Court Road tube station. ....How much: an amazing 5.00 for entry!

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What will be going on?

(From the BIT Website)
Back in Time Live 3 really is LIVE
Ben Daglish performing C64 hits live in his own unique way!
Mark Knight (Mad Fiddler) performs "Monty on the Run" live! Press Play on Tape live!
David Masters performing Galway on acoustic guitar, live!
C64 Karaoke live!
Also happening...
The relaunch of Llamasoft, featuring Llamasoft-related gifts and the Yakmeister himself!
CD launches from Instant Remedy, Marcel Donne, Tonka and the Remix64 team
The launch of "Immortal 2" - the long-awaited Amiga themes remix CD!
Guest appearance by Bouff.tv
High Score competitions with prizes

The Complete Guestlist (subject to Change)

C64 and Related Personalities
Richard Joseph
Ben Daglish
Fred Gray
Jeff "Yak" Minter
David Whittaker
Jonathan Dunn
Paul Norman
Nick "Orlando" Pelling
Mark Knight
Press Play on Tape

C64 Remixers

Slow Poison
Peter Connelly
Marcel Donne
Darren Izzard
DhS (Soundwavers)
Glyn R. Brown
Sonic Wanderer
Markus "LMan" Klein and Sunflower
Octave Sounds

Scene Heroes and Webmasters

Warren "Waz" Pilkington
Tom Boecker (Merregnon)
George Bray
Neil Carr (Remix64.phatsites.de)
Lee Bolton (Peek 'n Poke)
Steve Barrett
Mark Rayson
The Xmas Chortles mob
Jan-Lund Thomsen
Mat Allen (Mayhem64)
Iain and Mort
Alex Aris
The New ZZAP107 Issue lads
Lando (Llando) and his Minter Coat
Navvie and Cmj (Keep it Retro)



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