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  Lee's PeeknPoke's guide to Arcade Conversions - Arcade to...

Arcade games obviously can now be played on such PC emulators as MAME but in the time before PCs the little computers used to have to make do with what they had. So these big companies who spent all this money on arcade game rights (and they did not come cheap) had the programmers squash lots of large games in to the machines. Mostly cutting out on minor scenes, levels, graphics and sound, the programmers did some marvelous jobs on arcade games. At last we could play good versions of arcade hits and save money on 10p's!

Check out each system to see the comparison of each game against the arcade machine. Keep checking back to this page for more updates.....

Arcade to ...

Atari 2600 Page 1

Atari 2600 Page 2

Commodore 64 Page 1

Sinclair Spectrum Page 1




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